Hey y’all!

Hey y’all!

Hi there love, and welcome to my newly created blog!

This is just an introduction or guideline, if I may, on what this blog will be covering.

I like reading books, lots of books, and I want to share with you reactions and recommendations.


Things I also love?


♥ Cooking

♥ Baking

♥ DIYs

♥ Make-ups

♥ Mazesoba

♥ Frogs

♥ Gudetama

♥ Guitars

♥ Aroma oils

♥ Christmas lights

♥ Knitted sweaters

♥ Corn

♥ Leather products

♥ Music, bands, concerts

♥ Waffles

♥ Eggs

♥ Roller coasters

♥ Cats


See how randomly I listed what I love? That’s how this blog’s gonna be!


Posts will depend on what I feel like writing on that moment, but I will try my best to be reasonable whenever I’ll be uploading some. 


For the moment, I’ll gather some motivation to come up with something interesting.


Bye for now,